Cloudy skies

Niagara Falls are not the only waterfalls around the city of Toronto. The hubs and I headed out last weekend to visit Devil's Punchbowl, but we were disappointed when we found the falls to be dry. However, we did get a fantastic view from the escarpment overlook onto Hamilton. And we saw this piece of work. I bet it's even more impressive at night when it's lit up.

Friday is finally here! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and check out more skies at Skywatch.

On the shore

It was evening when I was down at the lake taking these shots, so the lifeguards were no longer on duty. But there were still quite a few people out enjoying the cool breeze and the lake atmosphere. The only ones actually in the water were the kids as the water in Lake Ontario stays pretty cool year round. But that can definitely be a good thing on a hot day!

I also found out that the Toronto lifeguards are attached to the Police service, so I don't think they are volunteers. But I could be wrong. Enjoy your Thursday, the weekend is right around the corner.


The Beach area of Toronto is a popular spot especially on a hot day. I caught these boats one evening when my husband and I went down to the water one evening. We've had some scorching days lately and it really is surprisingly cooler by the water.

If you'd like to see more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Only in Pisa...

I was driving around the other day and found this wonderfully kitschy Italian restaurant and I just had to stop to get a shot. I'm dedicating this post to VP at Livorno Daily Photo as I think he would agree, only a Pisan would like to eat here! It's an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet and from the looks of the place, it doesn't seem to be very refined.

I do like the big red tomato though! And if you'd like to see more red, take a peek at Ruby Tuesday.

Mennonite country

If you head a few hours west of Toronto, you land right in the heart of Mennonite Country. My husband and I drove out to watch the ladies of the LPGA play in Canada this weekend and Saint Jacob's was right on the way. Of course we couldn't just zip through town without stopping for a look! We walked Main Street and meandered through the farmer's market, but unfortunately we didn't catch a buggy. I hope this mural will suffice! To see more murals, take a look at Monday Murals.


This little boat is one of the two shuttles that take visitors out to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and back again. Unfortunately, I didn't get to board an actual yacht while I was there, but I did enjoy the afternoon. And I hope you've enjoyed my series!

Mystery solved!

I guess I should have just looked at some of my other photos to figure out which war the memorial at the Yacht Club was commemorating. From the dates here, I'm going to say it is a memorial to victims of WWII.


A close up look at some of the details of the war memorial at the Yacht Club. Hope you've got a great weekend ahead of you! I'm certainly glad it's Friday!

Nice view

If you're not in the mood for sailing, you can also just take in the view at the Yacht Club. Looks like a sweet spot to me!

Wednesday doorway

Another look at those beautiful hanging baskets at the Yacht Club. I showed the main entrance on Monday and this is the side entrance. I think it looks good from any angle!


I couldn't find any information on the internet about this memorial, but I think it has something to do with the war. If anyone knows something I don't, please share! You really get a great view of the Toronto skyline from the island.

Royal welcome

The beautiful hanging baskets at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club were a welcoming sight! I'd love to have a few like these hanging on my front porch. And I may just have to remedy that by looking to see what's available at the garden centre this week. Check back throughout the week, I'll be featuring more of the Yacht Club.

Open sesame

I was recently invited to the Royal Yacht Club of Toronto. To get there, you have to take a ferry boat out to the little island the club occupies. On our way there, we passed this drawbridge. It looks pretty neat, but I doubt many tall ships pass through here. But if they do, the bridge can adapt! 

If you like bridges, take a look at Sunday Bridges for more.

Seven days

You can find the Seventh Day Adventists on College Street, just west of Bathurst. This particular branch serves mainly Portuguese people. I liked the architecture and the brick facade. Hope you're having a nice weekend so far. The golf is keeping me busy.


I can understand why a bee would be attracted to this flower - it's gorgeous! My camera and I were very attracted to it too. 

I'm so glad Friday is finally here. If you want to celebrate with more flowers, take a look at Floral Fridays.


I find Canada Geese almost as bothersome as squirrels. They make such a mess on the golf course and can get really aggressive. But this one posed so nicely for me as he was crossing the cart path, that I just might change my feelings for them. But probably not.

Sign of the obvious

Honestly, I don't think this Flower Shop really needs a sign telling people what it is. It's quite apparent to me that they sell flowers and they're all gorgeous! I found this place down on Queen Street in the beaches area.

Hope you're all having a good hump day. I'm ready to get over it and slide into the weekend. Until then, if you like signs (obvious or not) take a look at Signs, Signs.

The Chans and Co.

I must admit, I find this gravestone a bit odd. I can understand the busts of the people buried here, but the flower girls on the side don't seem to fit, especially since this is obviously an Asian family's grave. 

In any case, it gave me something to photograph and ponder as I was making my way through Mount Pleasant a few weeks ago. And if you'd like to see more cemeteries, visit Tapophile Tragics.

Surprise mural

I found these murals inside the ladies washroom at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

What a great way to decorate a normally a rather boring place! If you like murals, check out Monday Murals to see more.


A last look at my shots from the Doors Open event. This one was also taken inside the Portlands Energy Centre. I like the texture of it.

Flag unfurled

This is my fourth and final entry into the photo competition. I like it the best. I love the way the flag has opened with the wind and the blue sky above with the airplane streak. But there were so many pro photographers out and about, I feel I don't stand much of a chance against them. But you definitely can't win if you don't try! 

Happy Friday everyone! If you want to see more skies, visit Skywatch.

Look up!

Even in a power generating station, it pays to look up! I believe this is one of the water cooling stations, but I was spending more time trying to find interesting shots than actually listening to the tour guide. It's really loud in a generating plant and you pretty much had to stand right next to him to hear. This is another shot I entered in the photo contest.

Doors open: part three

The other site I visited during the Doors Open event is the Portlands Energy Centre. Here's a look at the insides of a power plant. It's not an easy place to photograph, but I thought this shot turned out well. I also entered it in the photo contest.

Doors open: part two

Another look inside Fire Station 227 from the Doors Open event. I thought this one was particularly good in black and white. In response to Ciel's comment on my last post of a fire station: I do have a thing for fire fighters and this is the reason why: when I was a baby a fire fighter was the first to respond when I stopped breathing. He saved my life, so I respect fire fighters and the job they do.

Disko mural

Although I have absolutely no idea what this mural means, I find it rather interesting. I found it in a parking area just off College Street at the west end of Little Italy. 

Here's a closer look at what I'm interpreting as a ghost orchestra. It looks like the conductor is pretty charismatic! The only information I found was a signature stamp sort of thing which read: DISKO SECTR MOTEL WORTH. Any additional information on this piece is welcome. For more painting on the wall, take a look at Monday Murals.

Doors open Toronto

Doors opened to the public in over one hundred buildings around the city last weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit all of them but I did make it to the old Fire Station 227 on Queen Street. It was quite interesting to look around. There was also a retired fire fighter on hand who knew much of the history of the building and was more than happy to impart his knowledge to us visitors! 

I entered a few shots in this year's photo competition and this is one of them. If you'd like to see all the shots entered, they are here (mine were entered under the name Halcyon37). I'll be showing some other shots from the Doors Open event this week, so stop by if you're interested!

Framed castle

A look out at Dundurn Castle from the old coach house. It was a rainy day and I didn't actually get to see the castle as I missed the last tour, but I plan to go back!

June theme day: Tranquility

If this isn't the picture of tranquility, I don't know what is! I've also got a bonus tranquil shot for you on my travel blog. And of course, you can see more scenes of tranquility at the CDP site. 

Happy June everyone!!!
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